1000X Inspection Zoom Monocular C-mount Lens + Coaxial Light + Stereo Stand for PCB SMD Industrial Microscope Camera HA-10A06


Model : HA-10A06
SKU: 0911170359
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Shadow-free coaxial light

C-mount lens

Long working distance

Sharp images over a super wide field view

Large Metal stand and framework

0.63X-3.5X zoom objective ( about 62 - 400X on the display( CCD/COMS Size: 1/3 ", display Size: 20 ") )


Zoom microscope objective: 0.63X-3.5X

Mount: C-mount for PC or TV camera connection (camera sold separately)

Working distance: 30mm-35mm

Field of view: 1mm-6.5mm

Illumination: coaxial light

Light Power input: 110 - 240V, 50 - 60HZ, auto switching

Pillar: 260mm long

Package Content:

1 x Coaxial C-mount Lens

1 x Coaxial Light

1 x Light power supply

1 x 50mm Ring Adapter